Mekong Tourism Forum 2019

Mekong Tourism Forum 2019

The 2019 Mekong Tourism Forum is set to be hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of P.R. China in Dali, Yunnan on 28-29 June, 2019. Under the theme, “Tourism – a driver for cultural heritage preservation and poverty alleviation”, the tourism event for the Mekong region will showcase emerging tourist destinations and trends in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS). After the official opening of the 2019 Mekong Tourism Forum, inspiring keynotes and sessions will drive discussions and debate. Key Mekong Tourism initiatives, including the Experience Mekong Collection, the Mekong Mini Movie Festival, and the MIST program will showcase some of its highlights. The second day will take delegates to Xizhou Ancient Town part of the Dali Prefecture, to experience how tourism and culture are tightly interlinked, and preservation and conservation are critical to ensure sustainability. 

The six member countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion have banded together to jointly promote sub-regional tourism product development, market the GMS as a single travel destination, and stage the annual Mekong Tourism Forum. The Forum is the event of the year for travel industry professionals dedicated to putting the GMS on the global travel map. Please find out more by visiting www.MekongTourism.org, and following us on social media at:

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Meet Our Speakers

Kanha Sam

Managing Director - Soksabike

Jereth Jansen

CEO, Destination China

Gerrit Krueger

Managing Director - Chameleon Strategies

Ji Xiao Dong

Vice-Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism

Khin Than Win

Acting Director General - Ministry of Hotels and Tourism of Myanmar

Dr. Jiraporn Prommaha

Director Bureau of International Affairs - Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand

Zhang Hailin

Professor, Guilin Tourism University, China

Latdaphone Vongkhamheng

Swiss Contact - National Technical Coordinator, Tourism

Mei Zhang

Founder, Wild China

Brian Linden

Owner - Linden Centre Dali, Yunnan

Steven Schipani

Senior Portfolio Management Specialist - Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Jens Thraenhart

Executive Director - Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO)