Ma Jinzhong

Ma Jinzhong


Ma Jinzhong, Bachelor degree, the Bai nationality, started work in July 1982. He was appointed director of Dali Prefecture Government Office in Shanghai, Communist party secretary and head of Dali Tourism Bureau, he was also appointed Deputy Secretary of the Communist party and Executive Deputy Director of Dali Tourism Development Committee. At present he is appointed the Party committee secretary and Chairman of Dali Tourism Group co., Ltd. Ma Jinzhong has been selected in China Tourism General Review List as Tourist Person of the Year.

As the administrator of tourism industry, Ma Jinzhong depended on Dali’s characteristic tourism resources and location advantage, constructing global tourism demonstration prefecture with his strength. He promote development of tourism industry by large projects and large scenic spots, impel construction of scenic spots within the prefecture. At the same time, the results of propaganda and marketing is obviously, also get the breakthrough in the development of Aviation Market, industry management is improving, the popularity of Dali Tourism has been significantly improved and the development of tourism transformation has achieved good results.

As the practitioner of tourism industry, Ma Jinzhong has rich experience in tourism industry management. He bringing all cadre workers in Dali Tourism Group innovate management and improve service internal, pushing group operation transformed from One-time consumption which means relied on scenic spots tickets to secondary consumption which means improved tourist experience. Externally, Ma Jinzhong coordinate and expand projects actively, jump out of the original development and management single mode, expanded industry chain to catering, shopping, hotels and entertainment etc. The development new structure has been build up, on the other hand, sustained and healthy development of Dali Tourism Group has been guaranteed as well.

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