Ji Xiao Dong

Vice-Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism

Ji Xiao Dong

Vice-Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism


Ji Xiao Dong ,was born in October,1949. He is Vice-Chairman of

China Chamber of Tourism and Chairman of DaLi YangBi Shimenguan

tourism development Co.,Ltd at present.

In 1996, he threw himself into the Yunnan tourism industry,

witnessed and took part in the whole process of Yunnan tourism

industry development. He has worked as Chairman of DaLi Cangshan

tourism Cableway Ltd., Chairman of LiJiang MaoNiuPing tourism

Cableway Ltd., General manager of DaLi tourism industrial Co.,Ltd. ,

Deputy general manager of DaLi travel group Co.,Ltd., Executive

general manager of CITICPE Tourism Department and General

manager of ShanXi tour group.

As a experienced practitioner and investors in the field of

tourism, he has accumulated valuable experience about the management

and marketing of the Tourist Spots. He was awarded the National

Tourism Administration charity ambassador of civilized tourism in

2015, the top ten people who promoted Tourism toilet revolution

and the man of tourism during Sanya Forum in 2016, the pioneer

of tourism volunteer and the Top ten outstanding people who invests in


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